Why Us?

Horse Auction Block is your trusted online horse auction site to buy or sell horses all over the United States. Skip the sale barn and trying to buy or sell on your own and let Horse Auction Block take the reins! Horse Auction Block specializes in the buying and selling process of Quarter Horses from all over the United States. You're getting the best selection of horses right at your finger tips!


When you choose to auction your horse through Horse Auction Block, as a seller, you won’t have to worry about where the money is coming from or how it will get to you. Our dedicated team handles the entire transaction process for you from start to finish. Once a buyer has been secured, there’s no need to worry about collecting money. All buyers on our site are verified users. Upon completion of sale, the money owed from buyer to seller is directly transferred to your account within 2-3 days of the horse reaching the Buyer. We mean it when we say our process is worry-free!


Our easy-to-use and secure process assures each seller their horse will be seen by interested buyers. As a seller, you create your horse auction profile to provide interested buyers with needed information. If a question arises, you’ll be notified through our member portal. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a horse, know that the buying process is just as simple. Browse the site and you’ll have access to horses all over the United States.


You want to sell your horse and we have people who want to buy your horse. It’s that simple. Sellers don’t need to spend hours driving miles to auctions or sale barns. Horse Auction Block allows a seller to not only have a horse seen on the website, but also promotes it to thousands of potential buyers all over the United States. We advertise your horse through our own marketing channels, including Facebook.