About Us

What happens when a successful entrepreneur teams up with a rancher who has an idea? Horse Auction Block!

Horse Auction Block became the result of Tyrel Nelson’s idea to bring the ancient business of horse auctioning up to speed with the age of modern technology. Teaming up with Chad Chandlee, an entrepreneur and business leader, was the first step in making this happen. Countless meetings, web development sessions, conversations with horse sellers/buyers later, Horse Auction Block is now the simplest, trusted way to auction horses across America.

Learn more about the minds behind Horse Auction Block below.


Tyrel was born and raised in Colorado on his family’s small ranch out on the Eastern plains. His Dad and Grandpa helped him learn his way around a horse from a young age and he has been roping and riding ever since. Tyrel attended college in Wyoming and lived there for 10 years before moving to Iowa and marrying his wife, Shelly. Tyrel and Shelly have three boys together. Tyrel rode Bareback horses in the PRCA for 18 years before retiring in 2018.


Chad is currently President of Kendall Hunt Publishing and co-founder of Great River Learning as well as Fourge Social. He loves the entrepreneurial side of business and is excited to work with Tyrel to bring ease and efficiency to the horse buying process. He is supported by his wife and four kids who all love travel and new cultural experiences.